Christian School in Damascus

The community of Damascus, Oregon, just west of Boring, Oregon, has been a steady source of students for the school. Today close to 10% of our student body lives in the community.

Parent Testimonials from Damascus

“Our family loves Good Shepherd! Our children are in such a nurturing environment, and the school community has become like a family to us. We are amazed at the involvement and knowledge the teachers have of our children and love watching them soar educationally. Good Shepherd brings the Christian values that we want for our children into their daily learning environment in such fun and creative ways. We couldn’t be happier!”

Melissa M. – Damascus, Oregon

“When I attended Barlow High School many years ago, in my graduating class I remember admiring a group of kids who seemed to have a special bond with one another, were natural leaders, good athletes and excelled academically. I remember learning that those kids came from Good Shepherd School and it then planted a seed. After my own trials and tribulations, I came to know the Lord later in life during my college years. When I started a family, I naturally wanted the best for my children. After researching and visiting several schools, we were convinced the principal, teachers, and curriculum were a great fit for our family. We truly could not be happier with Good Shepherd School. Along with our kids excelling academically, they are natural leaders amongst their peers in and outside the school setting. It also warms my heart to know that my children have come to understand at an early age that there is no better life then a life of following Jesus.”

Cory K. – Damascus, Oregon

“We felt very fortunate and blessed to have been able to send all three of our kids to Good Shepherd School kindergarten through 8th grade. It gave them a Christ-centered education which built a wonderful foundation to stand firm in their faith in the years following. They entered high school taking honors and advanced placement classes because of their beginning education at Good Shepherd. We highly recommend Good Shepherd as the principal, teachers, and staff truly love and care for each student!”

Lori F. – Damascus, Oregon

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