Our community - Clackamas

Christian School in Clackamas

The community of Clackamas, Oregon, just west of Damascus, Oregon, has become a growing source of students for Good Shepherd over the years.

And today over 30% of our student body lives in the community.


“My husband and I are delighted that we decided to invest in sending our kids to Good Shepherd School. First of all, we love that it has set a foundation for our kids to establish their beliefs and think in advance how they will view the world and make decisions as they head into the world that has areas of darkness. Our high schooler has transitioned to public school after his K-8 education at GSS and has made choices that he feels good about; choices to honor the Lord when he has been presented with challenges. Secondly, we love the teachers, from every grade. They care about the students individually: getting to know who they are on the inside and loving them. Each teacher has made a significant impression on our kids. Thirdly, we are happy with the academics of the school. Our kids have not been bored and have been challenged and are constantly learning. Finally, we enjoy the chapel that closes out school every other week, where there is a message and the students are given the opportunity to work on the tech team or be part of the worship team. It has been a rich experience sending our kids to GSS, and we are happily continuing our kid’s education there — it is even worth a longer drive if you don’t live close to the school (we commute from Clackamas, Oregon).”

Rachel W. – Clackamas, Oregon

“As a family, we have all been so blessed by this school. We love that our kids have had an extremely good education with a biblical foundation. The teachers are all incredible, and we love that each grade level has its own living history unit covered. Our kids are encouraged daily to make good choices, to care for others as Jesus would, and are taught invaluable character lessons. Our only regret is that we didn’t come to Good Shepherd sooner. My kids have thrived in its environment.”

Jenn S. – Clackamas, Oregon