Christian School in Sandy

The community of Sandy, Oregon, just up Hwy 26 from the school, is also a strong supporter of Good Shepherd School. A number of influential members of the Good Shepherd community live in Sandy today, including the Lead Pastor for Good Shepherd Community Church.

Today 25% of our student body comes from Sandy.

Parent Testimonials from Sandy

“I am so thankful that my girls attend Good Shepherd School! It is a wonderful school, and I couldn’t be happier with the education that they receive. The teachers and staff are always so caring and kind.”

Katie G – Sandy, Oregon

“Having the Bible taught as part of the regular curriculum is important to our family as well as having it woven throughout other subjects. Smaller class size has great learning advantages for students and teachers alike. One of our children has graduated from Good Shepherd School already & she was well prepared for advanced classes in high school.”

Amy W. – Sandy, Oregon

“Good Shepherd has been my home since I was very young. I was privileged to attend Good Shepherd School for nine years. I now am blessed to have the opportunity for one of my children to attend. My son, Kaeden, is currently in the 7th grade. We could not be more impressed by the entire school staff.

As parents, we are putting our trust into our children’s teachers to not only teach them but to give them the tools they will need when they enter the real world. It is a scary thing to think about. Our kids, in the real world?! We can equip them with all the knowledge and common sense at home but, when we enter that 9-month school year, it isn’t just us equipping them. We are hoping and praying that our children continue to absorb the knowledge and are challenged in the process.

I can tell you that as a former student at GSS this school has continued to raise the bar. The staff here is God’s team with a vision to equip our children to enter the real world. They strive to give them a solid foundation for education and God’s purpose for each student. I will make this simple. Love trumps ALL things, right? The teachers and staff are on a mission to show each student what is true, what is noble, what is right, what is pure, what is lovely, and what is admirable. If that isn’t lovely, I don’t know what is?

The teachers are frontlines to our children just as we are the frontlines to our children. I am blessed to say that the teachers and staff here fight for these children. If you can relate to any of these things, I challenge you to reach out and check out what GSS has to offer. It is home to my family and me. It could be yours too.”

Danielle M. – Sandy, Oregon

The Impact of a Christian Education

Here is just a sampling of what some of our Gresham students have gone onto after leaving Good Shepherd School

  • Rachel Wenzel – Doctor of Emergency Medicine
  • Michael Calloway – HS Honors Student / Athlete – Sandy High School
  • Jeff Budke – NHS President, Editor of School Newspaper – Sandy High School

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