our mission

Philosophy of Education

As Christian professional educators, we have the responsibility to model the master of all teachers, our Lord Jesus Christ. Only those who follow and seek to be like Christ can lead a child to truth and the understanding of a worldview that includes God. God is the author of life. Education equips a person to experience and visualize the most meaningful and rewarding life possible. Then it is reasonable to appropriate His principles and His Spirit to define and influence the best education for our children.


Good Shepherd School is a private, evangelical school providing excellence in Christian education. The teaching and learning focuses on a quality, academic environment that values godly character and parental involvement. 


  • Provide every student opportunities to gain the attributes of godly character and master relevant content in basic education, critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Foster a spirit of excellence in teaching and learning, deportment, relationships, communications and spiritual growth.
  • Involve Christian parents in the process of educating their children in a Christ-centered environment of excellence.
  • Manage available resources effectively and efficiently to fulfill the mission.