At Good Shepherd School parents and teachers work together as a team to meet the educational needs of each child. Teachers work to develop a scope and sequence of material to be presented within each grade level. They present and reinforce new concepts and monitor progress. Parents reinforce at home what their child learns in the classroom. This requires a definite commitment on the part of the parents to be involved in their child’s education. Parents are uniquely qualified to deal with a student’s attitude toward his schoolwork. A parent need not know all the answers to be meaningfully involved in the child’s education. Because of our concern that parents be part of Good Shepherd School, you will have easy access to classrooms and teachers. With this privilege, we request that you support each teacher and communicate thoroughly with minimum disruption to students. Any differences you have with any teacher should be discussed in a private talk with the appropriate teacher sometime other than during the school day.

School Advisory Council (SAC)

The School Advisory Council is intended to function as a sounding board to give advice to the principal, to build positive school and community relations and to act as a liaison between the administration, school and parents. Members are asked to serve a three-year term. The council meets once monthly or as often as necessary to affect

  • general long-range planning and direction
  • daily operations, rules, procedures and discipline
  • parent service responsibilities
  • fund-raising policies
  • parent meetings
  • admission requirements
  • curriculum development
  • development and conveyance of a positive public image to the community

The council consists of five to seven persons representing parents, teachers and interested adult members of the church congregation. The following are council member selection guidelines:

  • Unless otherwise approved by the Elders, all council members are to be members of Good Shepherd Community Church.
  • Council members are required to have been associated with the school for at least two years.