Lunch is served Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, there is no hot lunch on Tuesday and no lunch on Friday due to early release.

A complete lunch includes one entree (pizza slice, sandwich, burrito/soft taco), fruit and veggies, one container of ranch dressing and dessert OR pretzels.

Lunch schedule:

  • Monday: Sparky’s Pizza (One flavor served each week: Cheese, Pepperoni, or Canadian Bacon)
  • Tuesday: No hot lunch is served. Please send lunch to school with your student.
  • Wednesday: Taco Bell – burrito or soft taco (automatic burrito if not specified by the student)
  • Thursday: Firehouse Subs – Ham & Cheese or Turkey & Cheese (automatic Turkey if not specified by the student)

* Students sign up in the classroom each morning and submit their pre-purchased lunch ticket for payment.

Cost: $3 for a single lunch, $5 for a double (extra entree).

Lunch tickets are sold by the sheet and can be purchased in the school office:

  • A sheet of single lunch tickets (16/sheet) is $48
  • A sheet of double lunch tickets (16/sheet) is $80